Fiber Internet Center Support & Tools

Quick Knowledge Aids

Click here to watch short videos that provide fast easy technical networking knowledge. From Fiber to T1s to DSL. How application packets flow and why. How MTU packet size effects your application performance. How your switch can slow down your entire network and much more.

Network Tools

IPv4 Want all the details of subnetting? This calculator tells you more than you may need. Click here to view calculator.

If your starting to play with IPv6 you will find this subnet calculator to be very handy.

Click here to view traceroute sites to trace from. An International list of traceroute server. uses Fiber Internet Center for testing your Internet.
speed. Not a socket-to-socket test, but it’s very cool and very handy.

Speakeasy nice testing for Cable Modems & DSL testing. Click here to view.

Is your mail server an open relay? Was it hacked and changed to Open? Find out here. is one of the better DNS testing sites also has other network tools

DNS checking. One of the best sites for DNS verification. Test your company’s DNS settings.

Internet warnings, Port Blocking recommendations and details. Click here to learn more.

If you look at ARP tables this tool will decode the device manufacturer when you enter a MAC address.

Us Whois to find out the details of a domain name , who owns it, where’s the DNS for it,etc

Here is the fastest way to make a cable with tips on how to do it right.

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