GOOD NEWS ALERT:  IPv4 Addresses Available for Lease

Our Fiber Investor Group completed the purchase of company with a large block of Legacy IP space. For details & more on IP addresses go to             

SINCE 2001 OUR FOCUS IS YOUR BUSINESS: We provide business fiber connectivity with true "business support". We proactively monitor your connection and provide local support that you can depend upon. You can focus on your business while we help manage your network. 


REAL 100% FIBER NETWORK: Unlike, our competitors that are spread thin trying to be everything to everybody, our focus is the fiber network. We don't provide webhosting, email services, DSL or T1 services. Unlike cable companies, no consumer cable modem and call it business class. 


REAL SUPPORT: We don't utilize call centers full of minium wage message takers. No ticket number or circuit ID required. In just seconds, we look you up by your name or company name. We discover your circuit IDs and fiber service details. After quick verification, we immediately begin helping you. Most competitors make you wait an hour and call back if they forget to call you back.

Yes, we have a ticket system, but you don't need to open a ticket. Very few of our customers have ever had to open a ticket themselves. There is no level-zero tech that calls you back within an hour that beings by asking you non-tech questions before investigation begins. We begin immediately, that is in the rare event you ever need to call.

When your productivity loss can be measured in hundreds of dollars per minute, the last thing you need is to be waiting by the phone for a level-zero tech to call you back.

PIECE OF MIND: At Fiber Internet Center you just don't just buy a circuit, it comes with support that provides you with piece-of-mind in knowing we're in business to help make your business successful. We back up what we say with our written Service Level Agreement.

Focused on Service & Support are the main reasons to choose Fiber Internet Center. 

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