Sales Manager Specials - Direct from our V.P. of Sales

New Year Special !

Bring your Company Internet Access to the next level with GigE Fiber.

50 Meg/sec Internet Bandwidth on a 100 meg/sec pipe
delivered with a FastE hand-off.

Yes - A 50 meg/sec of Internet bandwidth delivered to your office and we will include an expanded pipe size of 100 meg/sec pipe, so that you may burst to 100 meg/sec !

That is more than a DS3 of Internet with bursting beyond TWO DS3s !
We can do it, because, our fiber services are all on GigE fiber.

$2495.00 Month Special
Call Gus Sanchez 650-330-0428 and press 1 for sales.

If you need other bandwidth sizes, pipes or private VLANs between offices and co-lo data centers, check out our Live 24x7 Price Custom Quotation System.

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