Fiber Internet Center, LLC since 2001 

Fiber Internet Center provides Private Fiber connections for ISPs & their Customers, Businesses, Building Owners and VOIP providers. Legacy IPv4 address space available for lease, connection not required.

  • Fiber Internet Center is a premier provider of Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) - Fortune 500 to West Coast Silicon Valley Start Ups
  • Fiber Internet Center operates in California in SF, LA, Orange County 
  • Peering details listed at PeeringDB.NET 
  • AS-Num: 26803 , AS-Name: FIBERNOC , AS-set: as-26803 
  • Route objects maintained @ 
  • Peering Requests email to peering (at ) 
  • Peering Issues noc ( at ) 
  • 24x7 NOC direct 650-330-0428 ext/option 2, Evenings option 251
  • Public Peering at Coresite 55 South Market in San Jose 
  • Public Peering at Coresite One Wilshire & Annex in Los Angeles 
  • Public Peering at PAIX in Palo Alto 
  • Public Peering at SIX in Seattle 
  • Private Peering at PAIX in Palo Alto, 55 South Market in San Jose, One Wilshire/Annex in Los Angeles. 
  • Traceroute Looking Glass 
  • Ping Looking Glass 

Peering/Policy Requirements: 
Our policy is open and easy. Yet, we may cancel or decline peering based upon your network topography, latency, routes announced, excessive bgp flap failures from your bgp router.

  • Peers need to operate a 24x7 NOC for immediate Abuse, Denial of Service and other network issues of an urgent nature. 
  • Non-Urgent issues need to be responded to within 48 hours. 
  • Peer networks should have looking glass tools. At minimum a ping and trace tool available from with inside your network. 
  • Both peer network and FIC network will not establish a default route of any kind to either parties network. 
  • Peers are encouraged to register and maintain route objects in RADB, ALTDB or mirrored IRR.
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