Fiber Internet Center, LLC 
Fiber Internet Center provides Private Fiber connections for ISPs & their Customers, Businesses and Building Owners 

  • Fiber Internet Center is a premier provider of Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) 
  • Fiber Internet Center operates California GigE rings in SF, LA, Orange County 
  • Peering details also listed at PeeringDB.NET 
  • AS-Num: AS26803 , AS-Name: FIBERNOC , AS-set: as-26803 
  • Route objects maintained @ 
  • Peering Requests email to peering (at ) 
  • noc ( at ) 
  • Emergency NOC direct 650-330-0428 ext/option 2 
  • Public Peering at Coresite 55 South Market in San Jose 
  • Public Peering at Coresite One Wilshire & Annex in Los Angeles 
  • Public Peering at PAIX in Palo Alto 
  • Public Peering at SIX in Seattle 
  • Private Peering at PAIX in Palo Alto, 55 South Market in San Jose, One Wilshire/Annex in Los Angeles. 
  • Traceroute Looking Glass 
  • Ping Looking Glass 

Peering/Policy Requirements: 
Our policy is open and easy. However, we may cancel or decline peering based upon your network topography, routes announced, excessive bgp flap failures from your bgp router or our limit of bgp available resources (very rare). 

  • Peers need to operate a 24x7 NOC for immediate Abuse, Denial of Service and other network issues of an urgent nature. 
  • Non-Urgent issues need to be responded to within 48 hours. 
  • Peer networks should have looking glass tools. At minimum a ping and trace tool available from with inside your network. 
  • Both peer network and FIC network will not establish a default route of any kind to either parties network. 
  • Peers are encouraged to register and maintain route objects in RADB, ALTDB or mirrored IRR.
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